Sponsor A Shark

Sponsor a Guadalupe Island Great White shark

MCSI’s Guadalupe Island photo-ID project has been monitoring the white sharks of Guadalupe Island since 2001. Not only does this project allows us to track the visitation patterns of individual sharks but also allows us to monitor the overall status of the population. This long time series of data allows us to examine whether the population is increasing, decreasing or stable and is a key component in the conservation and management of northeastern Pacific white sharks.

For more information on sponsoring a shark contact [email protected]

Ways to sponsor a shark:

Junior level – $25




  • Full-color photo of your shark
  • Sponsorship certificate with the history of the shark you wish to sponsor including the years it has been sighted at Guadalupe Island and tracking data if available

Intermediate level – $50




  • Full-color photo of your shark
  • Plush shark toy
  • Sponsorship certificate with the history of the shark you wish to sponsor including the years it has been sighted at Guadalupe Island and tracking data if available

Senior level – $100




  • Full-color framed photo of your shark
  • Shark cookie cutter
  • Plush shark toy
  • Sponsorship certificate with the history of the shark you wish to sponsor including the years it has been sighted at Guadalupe Island and tracking data if available

Guadalupe Island White Shark Field Guide

A copy of the 2020 Guadalupe Island white Shark photo-ID book, spiral bound with color photos of the 366 identified white sharks  currently in the Guadalupe Island photo-ID database. Click here to order.

Executive level – $1000

Name a Great White Shark

  • Naming rights to a Guadalupe Island great white shark
  • Official framed photo and certificate of the newly named shark
  • Sponsorship certificate with the history of the shark including the years it has been sighted at Guadalupe Island and tracking data if available

Adventure level – $15,000

How to Sponsor a Shark:

To sponsor a shark please fill out the following form with the name of the shark you would like to sponsor, the name of the person you would like the sponsorship certificate addressed to, and the address you would like the package mailed to. If you prefer to have the sponsorship package sent electronically instead of sent by mail, please include an email address to send the sponsorship certificate and photo to and leave the mailing address blank. You can choose any of the Guadalupe Island white sharks in the MCSI Guadalupe Island white shark photo-ID book. Some of the most popular sharks are shown below, and the entire list of named sharks is listed below that. If you would like to sponsor a shark was satellite tagged and has tracking data, a few of the Guadalupe Island sharks with tracking data include Bruce, Biteface, Annika, Kimmel and Gill Rakers. You can also sponsor southern California sharks that are tagged and tracked, to see which sharks are currently providing real time tracking data, check out the app Expedition White Shark. If you would like to name a shark in the Guadalupe Island white shark photo-ID database, select executive level and the name you would like to use and we will send you photos of sharks that have not been named so that you can select your shark. If you have any questions about sponsoring a shark, please contact [email protected]

Choose from one of these popular Guadalupe Island white sharks
Gill RakersPaulWakderthumb
Or you may choose to sponsor any of these sharks from the database

Ace Deadly Sweet Karrnivore Persephone The Stonefild Boys
Agnieszka Deana Kate Shrout Pia Thor
Akeru Deann Kay Kate-Lynn Pierre Tiger
Alba the Brave Deb Kayla Ann Pius Maximus Tlazolteotl
Alexa Marie Deep Blue Keiko Poseidon MCW Top Notch
Ali Devin Keith Posey Townsend
Alixandrea The Great Doby Keli Quetzalcoatl Trigger
Amanda Meadow Don Julian Kenric Qurt Tzitzimitl
Amiria Donna Kevin O’Leary Rainbow Ugly
Amy Dorri Keyser Söze Ratel Uncle Fish
Andrew Elliott Dotty Kieran Reb Valentine
Andrew Thomas Doug killer Reba Victoria
Andy Dr. Bob Kimel Relic Vlad
Annika Drogin Kobe Bryant Renegade Walter Whiteshark
Apache Duncan La Rochelle Reva Divine Wayne
Apollo-Orion El Diablo Lady Bolton Rhett Weven
Arden Grace Emma Lady Viper Richard Winston
Atlantis English Lamini Rio Xochiquetzal
Axel Éowyn Lana Rae Ripley Yolanda
B Bomb Erik Laone RJ Zazil Ha
Baggers Fat Tony Lavonne Rogov Zeppelin
Balls Faye Leslie Ron Taylor Zibbo
Bam Boo Fightin’ Aggie Lexi Ronan
Bart Finley Liam Ronnie
Bella Flash Livvy Ropey
Belt Strap Flipkin Lizzie Rubia
Bent Bunnie Francis T Zappone Lono Rudo
Bergvall Freckles Loo Sabrina
Big Freya Low Rider Sad Face
Big Al Garmin Luca Arnone Sarah
Big Mac Geoff Nuttall Lucy Scar, Shredder
Big Ralph Geri Lyford Scarboard
Bite Face Gertrude the Great White Shark Mace Scarlet
BL Martin Gianna Madonna Scarlett-Daisy (ScarD)
Blaise Gill Rakers Mandy Screaming Mimi
Blue Moon Gill-bert Got-freed Mandy-moo Scylla
Blue Steel Ginger Ashley Manning Seabatch
Bonnie Faye Gums Mark Seamus
Breezy Gunther Mary Ellen Serena
Brianne of Shark Half Dome Mau Sgt. Pepper
Brookey Hannibal Maureen Sid Biggs
Bruce Harley #15 Maximilian (Max) Silenthunter Bolton
Brutus Harley Quinn Meadow Skid
Bryn Penny Harry Meli Skipper
Bubba Harvey Michel Slashfin
Buckethead Hawkley Mickey Slinky
Bullet Hefe Micks Smiles
Bull’s Eye Heracles Mikaela Victoria Snow White
Bumped Chin Herman Mikayla Vernon Sophia DeRosa
Buttercup Honey Mike Souri
Cap’n Matt Hooper Milana Arnone Squire
Captain Hook Horizon Miranda Star
Captian Jack Howard Miss Auburn Stargazer
Casey HP Lopez Mme Lafontaine Stella
Catina Hunter Monika Stephanie
Chandani Husker Monkey Stimpy
Charolly Robinoa Ian Mr. A Stormtrooper
Cheeks Islander Mr. Schmidt Stormy – Erin Storm
Chelsea Jackson Varty Mr. Valuelink Stouffer
Chicka Jacques Myla Stumpy
Chris Janis Mystery Suzi
Chugey Jasper Charlie Kennedy Nacho Sydney
ChumChum Javier VVR Nelson Taco Tyler
Clytie Jenni Walmsley Neptune Tail Scratch
Cody Walker Jenny Lynne Newt Tairua
CoriB Jette Nick Jagger Tapikul
Cosma Johnny Nicole Tato Sovis
Cowboy Joker Nosie Tatters
Craig Drake Jonah Oscar Taylor Marie
Crazy Tryss Joshua Paola Victoria Bolton Ted
Cream Puff Joyce Paul Walker Tezcatlipoca
Criss Cross Juddy Pearl The Great Maxwell
Curly Julie Pedro The Legend
Cynthia Kaiser Wilhelm Pedro Rivera The Russian
David George Kaj Pepi The Squirrel