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KimelbKimel is an almost 17 feet long female great white shark. She was first photographed at Guadalupe Island, Mexico in 2004. She was tagged with a SPOT tag in 2008 which tracks her movements in real time. The tracking data shows that she visits Guadalupe Island between October and January, and then makes a two year migration, spending up to 16 months in the middle of the Pacific Ocean before traveling into the Sea of Cortez for the months of June and July. This two year migration is linked to an estimated 18 month gestation cycle and the visit to the Sea of Cortez corresponds with the known pupping season for newborn (or young-of -the-year) white sharks.

This map shows 4.5 years of tracking data for Kimel, including 2 trips into the Sea of Cortez.


You can follow the migration of more tagged white sharks by downloading the app Expedition White Shark

kimelthumbYou can sponsor this shark and help conserve and protect northeastern Pacific white sharks through the MCSI Sponsor a Shark program

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