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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGarmin is a male great white shark. Garmin was tagged with a SPOT tag in 2007 which tracks his movements in real time. Garmin is the smallest shark tagged by MCSI. At the time of tagging he was just over 10 feet long, which is considered to be a sub-adult. White sharks transition from juvenile to sub-adult when they reach about 10 feet in length and this is when their diet begins to shift from eating only fish and crustaceans to including marine mammals. Male white sharks are considered to be an adult when they reach sexual maturity at about 12 feet in length.

This map shows 3 years of tracking data for Garmin.


You can follow the migration of more tagged white sharks using the app Expedition White Shark 


You can sponsor this shark and help conserve and protect northeastern Pacific white sharks through the MCSI Sponsor a Shark program

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