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Fundraiser to name a Guadalupe Island white shark Devin


The Marine Conservation Science Institute proudly announces the naming of a Guadalupe Island great white shark. We are naming this male shark Devin, after a young man who is courageously battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the young age of 18. He recently made an amazing trip to Guadalupe Island and saw a shark that was previously identified but had never been named. We think it very fitting that this shark now be named Devin! We are asking the community to take part in helping MCSI in achieving this goal of gifting a named shark to a deserving young man. MCSI is a nonprofit that depends on donations and public support to do the work we do, and we typically reserve naming rights for those who financially contribute. In this case we feel Devin deserves the honor of having a shark named after him. The naming of this shark is our gift as a community to Devin and we will honor this gift regardless of the amount collected. We at MCSI appreciate any and all contributions to assist in allowing Devin to have a shark named after him.

As an incentive to help us with this fundraiser, several of our partners have donated gift packages that will be given away. Every $25 donated will enter your name in a drawing for 1 of 3 gift packages.


Honey Package

Untitled-1shirtThe first package includes a jar of Great White Honey from Rare Hawaiian Honey Company and a Great White Honey t-shirt. Great White Honey is one of  the worlds’ most exquisite, raw organic gourmet white kiawe honey! Click here for or more information on the Rare Hawaiian Honey Company


Jewelry Package

feifishThe second package includes a the very cool “bad ass shark” necklace from Feifish. Click here to see more of the fun handmade ocean themed jewelry styles from Feifish.


Shark package

IMG_5446mens blackbThe third package includes an MCSI shark t-shirt and a copy of the 2014 Guadalupe Island White Shark Photo-ID book.




Donations through the name a shark program go towards research and conservation of Guadalupe Island white sharks. Thank you for your support!
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